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"Life made us sisters, Love made us friends"

Kouture Finds. LLC was created by two sisters from the Caribbean who share a love for fashion and for travel. Khadine and Khandissa started this company and its' website in January 2022. Since its' launch, Kouture Finds LLC has expanded to having presence at expositions and local markets in various states across the United States. 


Kouture Finds LLC sort to bring unique fashion jewelry to its' consumers. We have traveled to countries such as Egypt, Mexico and Puerto Rico and have hand-picked items that we know our customers would love. In addition, we support local artisans in cities like St. Petersburg, FL. These pieces that are ethically sourced, add to the uniqueness of our brand while also supporting local communities. Whether our customers are shopping for gifts or for themselves, Kouture Finds LLC offers fashion jewelry in a variety of styles for any occasion delivered at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in lowering our impact to the environment by having our earring cards also serve as business cards and using sustainable paper bags, that are eco-friendly, for packaging.


In hopes of growing our customer base, Kouture Finds, LLC has started building relationships and partnerships with various local businesses to aid with exposure, advertising, and marketing. We hope to continue to grow and provide unique fashion jewelry to our customers.

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